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MANTISX firearm training

When I had the opportunity to test the MantisX I really did not know what I was getting or what to expect. The kit arrived and I was surprised how compact it was, I was able to fit the training system inside my travel case which made for promising training while on the road.

Setup was a breeze, just charge the device, mount it to the accessory rail on my pistol and sync it to the app. The app walks you through the various training modules and provides immediate feedback. I saw improvement immediately after using the system which I attribute to the fact that you can see what your muzzle was doing in the moments leading up to the trigger squeeze.

The only big issue I had with the system when using it for dry fire training is charging the weapon between every shot and getting out of rhythm with the weapon. Aside from cycling the weapon the training system worked perfectly and was a very useful tool to improve accuracy and technique.

Overall, I like the system and look forward to future developments.

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